Aqua Glider

Aqua Glider

Introduction of Aqua Glider:
1. Aqua glider is a kind of sea scooter, with a top speed of 3.5-4.0km/h.
2. This product has become increasingly popular due to its lovely appearance and high quality.
3. It contains nearly everything inside the vessel, except a shaft and a propeller.
4. We are a professional China aqua glider manufacturer. All our aqua gliders are selling at lower prices than other comparable products available today.

Aqua Glider S7-04 (200w, 280w)
Aqua Glider Motor 200w (280W available)
Battery 24v,5AH
Operating time 40-50minutes
Speed 3.5-4.0km/h
Time for recharge 4-6h
Products size 1.45x0.65x06m
G.W/N.W 12/9.0KGS
Color Box size 63.5x38.5x34.5cm/pcs
Carton size 64.5x35.5x78.7cm/2pcs
Qty 20"ful: 320pcs 40""HQ: 640pcs

Aqua Glider S7-07 (24v, 60w)

Aqua Glider Electrical machine 24V(60W)
Starter system electric starter
Battery 12V5.6Ah
Using time 100minutes
Charge time 4*5hours
Max.speed 4-5km/h
N/W 5.4/4kg
Carton size 55*34*29cm
Container 20ft:650pcs 40ft:1320pcs

Aqua Glider S7-14 (12v, 130w)

Aqua Glider Electrical machine 12V(130W)
Starter system electric starter
Battery 12V7Ah
Using time 100minutes
Charge time 4*5hours
Max.speed 3.5km/h
N/W 17/14kg
Carton size 55*34*29cm
Container 20ft:195pcs 40ft:430pcs

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